Who we are


Who we are

I am Clemente Benza, called Gianni, and I propose you a wonderful holiday in Civezza.

My parents, natives of Dolcedo, where I now live, have lived for a long time in Civezza, and that's where I spent my happy childhood. In this period, finding me often for work reasons, this charming country reminds me of those moments, giving me a feeling of warmth and satisfaction.

In my life I worked as a miller, an activity that my son now takes care of (Benza Dolcedo oil mill, www.oliobenza.it) and I am proud of it because it continues uninterruptedly to keep alive the tradition handed down by my ancestors since 1853.

I am a lover of food and wine culture and I think that Liguria is second to none in the culinary field, ranging from seafood to ground foods, seasoned with our local extra virgin olive oil and watered with white wines and red DOCG (Vermentino, pigato, rossese , ormeasco).

The houses that I propose are an integral part of my roots, of the peasant culture and of its metamorphosis.

The photos

Gianni Benza - Agriturismo Il Geco
Papà Gigi e Gianni Benza - Agriturismo Il Geco
Mamma Pina - Agriturismo Il Geco
Foto di Papà Gigi - Agriturismo Il Geco
Macchinario pressa fieno Papà Gigi - Agriturismo Il Geco
Gianni Benza frantoiano - Agriturismo Il Geco
Pressa di legno - Agriturismo Il Geco
Ingranaggi - Agriturismo Il Geco
Ruota ad acqua - Agriturismo Il Geco