The cycle path


The cycle path

And so it was.

After a long time the railway has been moved and instead of the old rails, as if by magic, a wonderful bike path has materialized.

With enthusiasm and pride I think it is the most beautiful in the world for a set of factors that connect together allow this.

They are 24Km of route where on one side there is the sea that when it is stormy the waves come to those who are traveling at that moment, and when it is calm is a flat table very relaxing, and who knows if in this relaxing atmosphere an inner peace takes shape.

On the other side, the classic Ligurian landscape, where every now and then overlook the villages located along the ridges overlooking the coast.

Another peculiarity (in this case extends to the whole territory) the famous breeze, there are few places in the world that can boast this phenomenon.

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